Prison Uncomfortable road sign with s 75608140 scaled

When you think of prison what comes to mind? Cold, damp, unpleasantness? Uncomfortable?

When you think of your home what comes to mind? Warmth, love and contentment? Comfort?

When you think of a long term care facility or nursing home what comes to mind?

It should be closer to your ‘home’ feeling. But unfortunately, many people would say it is the opposite.

No question newer long term care homes are often bright and clean looking because they are new.

Some of the older ones, are much harder to make them bright and cheerful. But there are some easy ways to make them fresher. Plants, open curtains, open windows, improved lighting, pictures on walls, updates, fresh paint etc. They could also be renovated and updated to be more modern, if there was funding. I am sure staff tries but without funding, what can they do?

It seems like seniors have to pay top dollar to get the same state of the art facilities as prisons have in many cases. These are people that have made positive contributions to our society all of their lives. 

But back to prisons, some would say that not only are actual prison facilities better than some long term care homes, they are free to the prisoner.

Check out this snippit that has been floating around social media.



While the original inspiration for this article is from a humour site, there is nothing funny about this at all.

Makes you wonder why do both Canadian and American governments invest so much money into prisons yet can’t seem to provide enough support to our aging population homes and support employees that look after our seniors?

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