Senior Friendly
Senior Friendly

As you age, it can become more difficult to practice those important healthy habits and activities that you were once able to do in your younger years. With that being said, it is still imperative that as an older adult, you find the time to keep up with a healthy routine as this has been shown to increase life expectancy, combat chronic conditions, and improve quality of life to name just a few benefits.

While it may not always be possible to do the kinds of activities you were once able to, there are still plenty of enjoyable and beneficial options for seniors to try in an effort to live a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Getting Active With a New Hobby

When trying to find healthy exercises and activities as an older adult, trying something new can seem intimidating at first. A good place to start is with some active-related hobbies that sound interesting to you. For example, metal detection is a perfect outdoor activity for seniors. It might seem like a bit of an old-fashioned activity; however, not only will you benefit from getting your daily dose of vitamin D while walking around in the sun, you’ll be tempted to explore new areas of your city and neighborhood. Moreover, metal detecting is one of those hobbies that is sure to keep your mind active and alert. Plus, any hidden treasure you find are just added bonuses.

You can also sign up for seniors-only outdoor group activities like yoga or tai chi, both of which can help you remain physically active and healthy while being low-impact activities. Also, just because you’re in your golden years doesn’t mean you can’t still zoom around your city on a bicycle. Recumbent bicycles allow you to feel the thrill of cruising through neighborhoods and parks like you used to, all while you’re reclined in a comfortable position that takes the pressure off of your hips and knees.

Even just setting aside the time to go on regular walks can be all the activity you need to stay healthy. Going on daily walks at a brisk pace can improve your health while also getting you out into the world, seeing the sights and meeting new people that you may have never met otherwise.

Invest in Yourself and Your Health

Of course, you can also go the more traditional route when it comes to getting in your daily exercise. Finding low-impact activities is best for your joints which makes swimming a great option to consider participating in. Getting a membership at your local public pool is typically a low-cost choice, especially if they offer a senior discount but there is also the possibility of building your own swimming pool if you have the resources. It’s certainly a bigger commitment than getting a membership at a public pool or gym, but you’ll have more privacy and direct access at any time of the day. Whether you decide to go with an above ground pool or a built-in one, there are plenty of pool financing options to help you get everything you need.

If swimming isn’t your favorite activity, you can also seek out a senior-friendly hiking group through social media or set one up yourself. Hiking is a great way to not only improve your health through vigorous exercise but also gets you out into nature. Aside from the fresh air and the exercise, it can be a great opportunity to socialize with other seniors that also want to prioritize their health and can match your pace.

Your local gym or YMCA likely offers seniors-only classes for you to enjoy. Whether lifting weights or riding a stationary bike, classes offer a structured way to improve your health and having someone there to instruct you can give you the motivation that you need to continue your health journey while exercising safely.

In with the Good, Out with the Bad

As you age, it becomes especially important to have a diet that can support your body against illnesses, fatigue, weight gain, and other health-related issues that, unfortunately, become more and more common in your later years. This means finding ways to cut back on some of those long-standing unhealthy habits while also introducing new healthy ones.

It’s never too late to give your body a much-needed reset. Today, there are nutrition plans perfect for seniors that can help boost your immune system, combat joint, and muscle inflammation, and reduce mental fogginess. A great nutrition plan, in addition to reducing your intake of sugary foods and drinks, caffeine, and processed foods, can help keep our aging bodies strong and healthy. A good diet can also help keep you active by boosting your energy levels.

When you commit to your health, especially as you grow older, it can help to ensure that your senior years are filled with more moments enjoying everything life has to offer. Furthermore, staying healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about what you enjoy doing, something new that interests you, and then find ways to incorporate healthy practices with it. From searching for buried treasure to trying a new low-impact exercise, a healthy lifestyle can allow you an unlimited amount of possibilities.