Yoga and Meditation
Yoga and Meditation

YOGA is the art of worshipping one’s body whereas MEDITATION is the vision of a sound mind. Together, it’s a journey to the self and for the self.

It is said that yoga can make you count each and every breath you take and meditation can make you to be thankful for all that you have gained and devote yourself to the creator.

It can bring peace and solace to a restless mind and especially, for the seniors. They tend to lose all control and stimulation after reaching a specific age.

Through this article, we shall tell you how yoga and meditation can help them regain their rational thinking and control over their body.


Yoga is not just about laying on the mat and practising postures. Precisely, it is about it. But in a broader sense of meaning, it’s a way of living.

Yoga is life in general!

It teaches and enlightens a path towards a healthy mind and body. One can cure the tiniest to the biggest issues corresponding to human health.

Seniors, being in a critical age, face a lot of problems like blocked arteries or veins, muscle cramps, joint pain and others of similar sorts. Yoga can help them ease these pain through the right postures and activities.

Medicines can cure health issues only from the surface but Yoga can make them disappear altogether. Because it focuses on the root of the problem and tends to eradicate that very root.

By practising simple yoga postures like locust, cobra, bow, plough etc, the seniors can be relieved from all body aches and feel themselves being rejuvenated.


Meditation is the stimulation that the human mind needs to focus or concentrate. It is the art of devoting all our attention to one single source of energy and to use it to feel all our parts. Every organ, every muscle, every nerve is replenished through meditation.

Older aged people become restless and anxious over small things, which is quite understandable. But they can cope with these disturbing emotions by meditating which will teach them to accept things as they are and appreciate the rawness of life.

They will gain peace of mind by focusing on the core of their body, by considering each breath as a blessing and be grateful to the creator for this life and the one beyond it.

Yoga and meditation, together. 

Together, these two heavenly activities can unfold the magic of a human body. Old-aged people, especially, will evolve to be happier and vibrant.

They will be able to taste the sweet nectar of life by realising it’s the true meaning and being free of any bondages. Yoga and meditation can truly make the human mind and body to wander off to unheard places and resolve the mysteries of life.

Few advantages of yoga and meditation over health and mind are – 
  • Loss of excessive fat.
  • Good blood circulation.
  • Increased flexibility.
  • Relaxed muscles and joints
  • Improves strength and energy
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves mental health.

Yoga and meditation can be practised any time but the best of all is early in the morning. During sunrise, life seems to bloom in every little cell of the universe. And while meditating, we can feel that energy penetrating our system.

Seniors can wake up early in the morning and practice some really simple postures and techniques to the extent they can manage. They should remember to not put too much pressure of the body muscles in the beginning.

They should increase their limit daily and slowly, soon, they will master the art of yoga and meditation, and will also learn to control their mind and body as and when they want to.

Thus, before surrendering to medicines and treatments, one should unveil the natural and organic way of being healthy. Seniors can live their leftover lives with full zeal and energy by adopting the habit of yoga and meditation.

One should always remember that A sound mind and a healthy body can conquer anything!