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Summer will soon be upon us and for the seniors who love to travel, deciding upon a destination in Canada can be difficult. With such a large country and all types of scenery and activities, narrowing the list to just one or two places is a big decision.

Where would you like to travel to this summer?

  • For those who have yet to see the east coast, you don’t have to wait for summer. Spring is when the icebergs are an attraction. The east also has beautiful golf courses for the athletes, whales off the coast and lighthouses galore along wit picturesque small towns and friendly people.
  • You’d rather travel west? There are so many choices. Victoria, a favorite of seniors with the ocean views and the markets. Anywhere in the Rockies. Calgary if you like the Stampede, the beautiful fields of Saskatchewan and the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.
  • Ontario is full of places to go. Small scenic towns with lots of lakes in Muskoka and further north. Rent a cottage for a weekend and relax. Toronto with its museums, shops and attractions. Don’t forget the CN Tower. You can see most of the city from up there!  Stratford is the place for the classic theatre lovers.
  • Quebec is a vacation in itself. Visit Old Quebec. The cathedrals and museums are beautiful. Take a ride in a horse drawn carriage or shop and dine at the finest restaurants in this historic district. Don’t forget to see some of the 30 sets of stairs in Quebec City. Each is different and is a story in itself.

Vacation destinations will always depend upon your interests. Take it slow and don’t rush. Though there is so much to see and do in Canada, you will enjoy your vacation more if you savor the moment. For more Canadian destinations, click here.