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Most of us have heard that gardening is very therapeutic. It just feels great when you are outside and working with nature! Senior gardening is no exception.

Many seniors feel isolated, lonely and may feel they have nothing to do. As a caregiver you can encourage seniors to get outside and garden with minimal cost and time. Senior gardening is a great thing!

How to get senior gardening underway

It is simple, just pick up a few plants at your local nursery and away you go. Show your senior what you have picked up and guide them to plant them in an area that is easy for them to get to. On the back deck, on the lawn, in baskets anywhere or in a window planter. Better yet, if the plants come in pots (which most do) they can be nurtured right from the home.

Emphasize the colour and quantity and talk about what is needed to keep the plants growing and healthy. You can also simulate the growth and wellness of the plants with the senior and how they are feeling. It will make the senior feel a true connection to their gardening efforts.

Senior Gardening Benefits

Not only does it get the senior outside, it also allows them the opportunity to experience growth, nurturing and wellness. Things they have likely done their entire life and feel they now have something to care for again.

Gardening is also known as a stress reliever and is very therapeutic. Talking to your seniors about how the plants are doing, hearing and encouraging their sense of accomplishment can be very rewarding for both the senior and their caregiver.

It is also suggested that gardening can help reduce pain and lift spirts. When people feel connected to the earth, great things can happen physically and mentally. So why not encourage senior gardening?

Senior gardening doesn’t need to be done in isolation. Jump in and help your senior with gardening efforts so that you can both reap the benefits of connecting with the earth. If you need help with existing trees consider

If you have planted veggies and fruits, you can certainly enjoy some family time with taking your successes, making great salads, adding herbs to sauces or fruits to pies and other desserts.

Everyone wins when a senior’s garden including your stomach!