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One of the most helpless feelings in the world is trying to fall asleep when your partner has a snoring problem. It’s not like you can get mad at them, considering they are just trying to breathe while snoozing. But as they fade away into dreamland, your frustration may be bubbling over. Here are some ways to drown out noise if your partner snores.

Insert Earplugs

If you are an earplug user, bringing them into the bedroom may not be such a bad idea. It can be challenging to find the perfect fit, figuring that tossing and turning may cause them to fall out. Therefore, prepare yourself to try several pairs before you find an ideal match. Ideally, they will stay in your ear throughout the night, but you may only need them until the snoring disperses.

Allow for Some White Noise

Using a white noise machine is another worthy option to consider. Typically, these devices come in a variety of styles. Some may emanate noise, while others may be more intricate and offer soothing sounds of nature.

The sounds from the machine may blend in with your partner’s snores, allowing you to sink into your pillow and fall asleep. If you don’t want to purchase a machine quite yet, your smartphone may have a few apps to test out to see if it pleases both of you. 

Wear Headphones

Worrying about your earplugs falling out may be the cause for some restless sleep as is. That’s why opting for a more secure selection, like headphones, can work. Headphones, too, might take some practice—try them out during an afternoon nap.

Bluetooth headphones are much better than the wired versions, seeing as you don’t have to lay accordingly to accommodate the cord. You can enjoy some of your favorite tunes from years past or use a previously selected white noise app from the phone. 

Snore Prevention Equipment

If you’ve exhausted all your other options, it may be time to offer your partner some aid. Something as simple as a nasal strip could do the trick. They will need to thoroughly wash their face because the strips tend to fall off an oily complexion. 

A more in-depth option than the over-the-counter selections is an anti-snore pillow. Like ergonomic chairs, these pillows are specifically designed to assist them with breathing. However, if your partner is a mouth breather, you can get them a chin strap in hopes that it keeps the mouth closed.

It may feel impossible to figure out the ways to drown out noise if your partner snores at times. Thus, if none of these ideas work, the only solution is to sleep in another room, especially if they suffer from something serious like obstructive sleep apnea and require a CPAP mask. Talk to your partner before you separate because being apart could be worse.