Keeping It Together: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver without Losing Your Sanity


A must-read for family caregivers who want to help themselves in enhancing their inner emotional resiliency and personal growth. This book offers so much to help individuals cope and prevent burnout while providing support and care for aging parents, ailing relatives and family members with chronic illness. You are provided with a regimen to juggle that includes tips for caregiving at your best while maintaining the discipline of self-care. The offering that really makes this book stand out is the pivotal practice element of the coping regimen – processing your grief. By using the specialized 3-A Approach described as a self-monitoring tool for addressing your losses, you are equipped and empowered, strengthening your inner emotional resiliency to tackle the challenges that family caregiving can bring. There are 12 K.I.T. practice exercises that make this a hands-on book, serving to help guide you through the tips and strategies for juggling the coping regimen. By engaging in the content, you have a self-help companion, guide and coach at your fingertips – a cocoon in the form of a book.

Price: $16.00