SLM Talks to Learning From Seniors scaled
SLM Talks to Learning From Seniors scaled

In this crazy, busy world we sometimes forget very important things. Time and time again, it seems to be our seniors. Yet seniors are a wealth of information, from story tellers to historical events, we can learn from seniors.

They have decades of life experiences that many of us have never endured or even thought of. From war time to family time, they truly know how to survive and the make best of any situation.

Think about this, teachers spend countless hours teaching the younger generation about history yet our seniors within the family likely know just as much and can talk to how they lived through some of these historical events.

So how can you learn from seniors?

  1. Teach and role model for the younger generation to be respectful of older generations.
  2. Teach and role model for the younger generation to appreciate seniors and their knowledge.
  3. Forget about stories that may get repeated and love each one with its own little nuances.
  4. Ask questions to seniors about anything. Their life story, their work, where they have lived etc. It is amazing what they can share and what you can learn.
  5. Look for reasons to spend time with seniors and interact with them. You talk to them about modern tech and they can tell how it used to be. Intergenerational interactions have many benefits.
  6. Cherish your time with seniors and enjoy every new thing that you learn.


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