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There’s no doubt that the bond between grandparents and grandchildren is special. You know that they improve your quality of life, but have you ever considered that they can help improve your health too? Here are 3 ways that the cherished time you spend with your grandchildren can actually help you improve your overall health:

3 Ways Your Grandkids Can Help You Stay Healthy

  1. They keep you active

Just think about it – have you ever been exhausted after a visit from your grandkids? Grandkids are balls of energy! But that has its advantages for you. Help them get their energy out by playing a game, getting outside, or teaching them a hobby. It’s a great way to create memories with them while being active at the same time.

Active indoor ideas

If it’s raining or you want to stay indoors, try hide and seek, Simon says, or charades. Anything that gets you moving around and your grandkids away from a screen is time well spent together!

Do you have a Medicare supplement or Medicare advantage plan that includes Silver Sneakers? If so, you most likely have access to local YMCAs which are perfect for an active outing with your grandchild. You can swim, take a lap at the track, or even try a class together.

Outdoor activities to get you both moving

When it’s nice out, head outside for a scavenger hunt or for a walk around the block. Being outside is a great teaching experience for little ones too, as they’re still curious about their surroundings.

Do you love golf? Gardening? Teach your grandkids! Not only will that create an activity you can do with them for years to come, but those lessons will stick them long after you’re gone. Some of my favorite memories with my grandfather are from our times on the golf course together.

  1. They motivate you to be your best

It’s easy to lose motivation to take care of ourselves, but when little ones enter the scenario there’s suddenly an even greater purpose in life. Nobody wants to miss milestones, so view your grandchildren as motivation to be a better you. One way to start is eating more nutritious foods. When you get hungry with your grandkids around, make something nourishing for both of you. Making healthy food together is a fun way to get your grandkids involved in snack time. Try ants on a log  with celery and raisins or fruit trees with bananas, kiwis, and oranges, or a creation of your own.

  1. They improve your mental well-being

Not only are grandkids good for your overall mood, but they can help keep you mentally sharp. Interacting with your grandchildren is stimulating for your brain, and answering all of their “why is…..” questions can test your memory.

Plus, while their questions keep you on your toes, they’ll probably also teach you a new thing or two. For example, learning new technology is something that comes seemingly natural to little ones, but can be a challenge for grandparents. Consider them your own personal teacher.

The same holds true whether your grandkids are close by or you only get to see them around the holidays – that cherished time you get together not only improves your mood, but your health too!