Old School Ways of Saving Memories
Photo by sarandy westfall on Unsplash

Do you think old-school ways of saving memories are dying out? It feels like traditions are being lost now we’re all focused on digital. Are people in their 20s making photo books? It doesn’t feel like it’s as common anymore. And it’s not just photo books, there were so many things people would do to save memories. 

Below, we’ll explore some of the best ways that you can save old memories to pass down through your family.


There’s a reason why journaling has been around for centuries – it’s a great way to document your life. It isn’t as popular as it used to be, but the Gen Z influencers are bringing it back by telling you how 5-minute journaling a day can improve your mental health. And studies do prove that to be true. 

You can do it as a diary entry, a journal, or even start a blog. A blog isn’t as easy to save forever, but it’s a more modern way of doing things. Plus there are some beautiful journal designs online. 

We also love that flipping through old journals can be a nostalgic journey through your past and remind you of moments and feelings when they might be forgotten.

Like the influencers say, 5 minutes is all you need to do.

Photo Books

Photos are one of the best ways of saving memories, they’re so nostalgic to look back on – even the bad ones. The issue is that most of the photos we take now are stored online or on our phones. How many times do you print out pictures to save them? The photos stored on technology won’t necessarily last forever. You won’t pass on your Instagram account to your grandchildren, will you?

Download your favorite pictures from social media and create a stunning photo book. Websites like mysocialbook.com are an easy place to do it. Like everything in this article, it’s so nostalgic and a great thing to pass down generations. 

Repurposing Memories

Do you have old clothes that you’d consider a memory? Perhaps old jumpers, t-shirts, jeans? There’s a trend of people repurposing pieces of the material and turning them into blankets. It’s a really nice idea, especially if some of the fabric represents your family. Perhaps it’s a grandchild’s first babygrow or a piece of your wedding suit. 

There’s something you’ll own that you could turn into a blanket easily. 

Crafting a Family Cookbook

Do you ever remember your mom or family member whipping out a family cookbook and creating the best meal known to make? And don’t get us started on the cakes. Creating a family cookbook is a great way to preserve your best recipes and pass them down through generations. And even if you can’t cook, you can get your family’s favorite recipes and pretend they’re your own. 

Now you’ve read this, don’t you agree that old-school ways of saving memories are just better? There’s something so much more nostalgic about it. And it’s therapeutic. Let’s not just save the old ways of saving memories for the sake of it, but for our own betterment.