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Well most of us have had to move at least once in our lives. As a kid, we just packed up our favourite toys and miraculously everything else got moved. Maybe we moved again as an adult after our first house into something larger as our families grew. But the real art of moving comes with trying to downsize. Downsizing seniors during a move, can be even more stressful. But there is help!

Why get help?

Getting help from a professional can truly make the move much easier. They have tried and tested processes to help in decision making when it comes to moving or downsizing. They know what to look for at the new place to help with some of the uncertainty you may have on what to move and what not to move. What makes sense and what doesn’t and the why.

Whenever, we think about moving a senior (or ourselves) many questions come to mind.

What will we do with all this stuff? How can we declutter? What should we keep? What can’t we keep?  How can we organize what is what?

The very thought of moving, stresses many people out. Forget about moving to a new location right now, just the entire idea on what to do with what can make our heart race.

It isn’t just physically moving everything, it is the decisions, the planning and organizing that is required for a smooth move.

So having a move manager help is a fantastic idea that not only relieves the stress on the downsizing senior but also the family. It may also help to avoid some in family arguing as well.

Worth checking it out as an option. No need to have undue stress if it is avoidable.

Canadian based, with connections worldwide, there are specialists that can truly add great value when downsizing or figuring out where to move to. Judy & Doug Robinson have been moving seniors since 1996!

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