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One of the beautiful things about getting older is retiring! Having more flexibility and more time to do what you want to do. It is also a wonderful world of being virtual that many of us can keep our jobs if we want (even just part time) and work from anywhere in the world. So senior living can include becoming a snowbird. I’m in, are you?

What should I consider to be a snowbird?

So finding the place to go is part of the fun. So where are you thinking? Florida, Arizona. California, Texas? Know of any hidden gem snowbird locations?

Next is when to go. Of course when it is the colder months at home is ideal. Try to get there before the snow flies. Come back when the snow will be gone. This may depend on whether you are driving or flying. And how long you can zip away for. Can you stay for the entire winter or only a couple of months? May depend on where you decide to go.

Now where will you stay. There are many places that provide long term rental stays in the warmer places. Maybe a good idea to rent for a winter or two until you are confidant with your location choice. Once you have found your own paradise, then consider purchasing a property. Some snowbirds rent their place out while they aren’t there to help cover costs.

Now the how. Consider your finances. And don’t forget about the cost of insurance abroad.

Sit down and calculate how much it will cost to become a snowbird. What expenses you may still have at home to carry and how being a snowbird may affect your income. The good news is things like day to day expenses i.e. groceries, gas etc. simply transfer to your snowbird location! And then utilities costs at home should be reduced significantly since you won’t be living there for a period of time. It may not cost as much as you think.

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