Upside Down scaled
Upside Down scaled

Anyone who has dealt with a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia knows that they like to escape. They have certain things that intrigue them and often become creators of patterns. They also get confused and mistake certain things, people and situations.

So what can we do to make them feel more comfortable, more at home and not as confused? Well, some homes have created circular areas for patients to walk around as it is more appealing than walking up and down halls.

Others have created activities and even rooms to help patients.

So what if a room in a nursing home or long term care facility actually resembled a house.

Not a room an actual house. And within that house, you had your room. That would be very stimulating and more like home, don’t you think?

And what if the inside of the home, had outdoor appeal? Sounds nice and stimulating, doesn’t it?

Then throw in some aromatherapy to provide additional stimulation and viola! You may very well have a stimulating environment that can actually help Alzheimer and dementia patients. For those visiting or working in the home, what a wonderful sight!

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