Calgary Retirement Living

Canadians often dream of their retirement years as a period of re-invention for some, relaxation for others, but nearly always they envision themselves fulfilled, happier and less stressed. However, the reality for many seniors can be marked by loneliness and a sense of disconnection, particularly within traditional retirement communities that offer limited social opportunities and enforce rigid routines. 

Wellings of Calgary, introduced to Alberta by Nautical Lands Group—a company with a wealth of experience in the 55+ residential sector—aims to redefine the way people perceive living in retirement. Their communities are founded on a pro-age philosophy that actively challenges stereotypes and celebrates living your next chapter exactly as you would like to, full of vibrancy and life. 

The Essence of Carefreedom Living 

At Wellings of Calgary, “carefreedom living” signifies a lifestyle liberated from the typical limitations found in conventional retirement communities. Here, residents are not bound by predefined care packages, meal plans, or strict schedules. Instead, the Wellings communities offer a maintenance-free way of life, without care and are well suited for vibrant and active adults 55 plus. Wellings encourages members to shape their own day and live their lives on their own terms. “Everyone deserves to be seen, heard. valued and appreciated. Far too often, we hear and see seniors being marginalized, and their wisdom regarding life experiences goes unnoticed. One of our goals at Wellings is to help amplify the volume when it comes to senior’s voices. Together we can do great things”, Mark Bennett, General Manager, Wellings of Calgary. We strive to deliver a community full of amenities our members want and need to make life more convenient, giving them back the time they need to live life to the fullest. 

The Wellings offer spacious, contemporary apartment suites with full kitchens, in-suite laundry and outdoor balconies or terraces. Each unit crafted with meticulous attention to detail according to the needs of our members. This ensures a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and style. This approach honours the wants of our members and encourages healthy active living through our restaurants, social programs and fitness classes. 

An Exceptional Dining Experience at Your Doorstep 

If you are a foodie or enjoy a variety of food choices, then you are in for a treat as Wellings of Calgary offers upscale dining along with casual comfort foods, all prepared on-site using as many local and Alberta-based products as possible. The community prides itself on a diverse array of dining experiences designed to satisfy every palate and preference. With its selection of bars, restaurants, and bistros, members have the luxury of dining in the restaurants or preparing and cooking their own meals in their suites. At the epicentre of these gastronomic delights is VP Hospitality for Nautical Lands Group and Executive Chef Robert Mills. Robert will work closely with the team in Calgary to create a menu based on local preferences and member suggestions. His vast expertise will produce not only delicious but also nutritionally considerate dishes, catering to a wide range of dietary needs and preferences. 

Retirement Living in Calgary

Resort-Style Living Without the Hassle 

Wellings of Calgary transcends the ordinary, offering a lifestyle reminiscent of a luxury resort. This community boasts a plethora of amenities designed to let residents live their best lives without worrying about such things as property taxes, maintenance, or landscaping. With a focus on health and wellness, Wellings encourages residents to integrate various programs into their daily routines if they choose.

Whether it’s engaging in fitness classes, participating in cooking workshops, or enjoying member-led game nights, there’s something for everyone. For added convenience, Wellings members have direct access to an on-site Save-on-Foods right next door. 

The Wellings community is nestled beside Winsport, formerly Canada Olympic Park, on the scenic Paskapoo Slopes in Southwest Calgary. Residents or their visiting friends and families will enjoy the outdoors, and anyone can take advantage of the available hiking trails, cycling paths, and a lively retail center, enhancing the surrounding living experience. 

Flourishing in a Supportive Community 

Loneliness is often overlooked as the underlying cause of so many illnesses as we age, At Wellings of Calgary, members enjoy a profound sense of community and belonging.” We see people transform before our eyes as they regain the confidence to speak their minds, share life experiences and leave the chores and daily to-do list behind. Finding people who share a common interest and enjoy good food in an environment that celebrates living at any age always brings vibrancy and life to the members.” Natalie Tommy, VP of Marketing, Wellings Communities. The community cultivates a warm, inclusive environment where friendships flourish, and social connections are strengthened. With neighbours at similar life stages, it’s easy for residents to connect over shared interests and reminisce about common experiences. The staff at the Wellings pride themselves on adopting a holistic approach to wellness that encourages community connection, including fitness, socialization, nutrition and sleep habits. 

Living in a vibrant and supportive community offers significant mental and emotional advantages to those who experience it. Engaging in group activities, enjoying meals with friends, and participating in wellness programs all foster a sense of belonging and purpose. Research has proven that living an active, social life can markedly improve mental health, diminish feelings of isolation, and boost overall well-being. This encapsulates the essence of what Wellings aims to provide. 

The Wellings of Calgary is active retirement living re-imagined for a new generation. 

Wellings is a community designed for vibrant and active adults 55+ who do not need care and have a goal to remain independent and active for as long as they are able. This community encourages individuals to pursue their passions, cultivate new friendships, and savour every moment of retirement living. The energy that is felt when people living in retirement come together is palpable and we invite you to experience Wellings for yourself. 

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