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Ross Gordon has been involved with an international company offering self empowerment seminars for adults, young people and teens for 11 years, over 10 years of which have been spent volunteering in the family division. Through interaction with hundreds of families, and working with teens and young people to register them in courses, Ross has developed an expertise and passion in coaching parents and their offspring to move past family problems into workability, through the individual empowerment of family members. Since 2012 he has worked extensively with private clients and groups. At the core of his work is his self-love system which is designed to have people keep love for themselves present and have that love as a foundation for all their relationships. Clients achieve results in many areas including better communication in the family, high self esteem, confidence in their abilities, and more romance and fun in life. They become more adept at handling challenges at work and more creative at problem solving in all areas of their lives.

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