red light therapy

As we observe Arthritis Awareness Month, it’s essential to explore innovative treatments that offer relief and an improved quality of life. One such promising approach is Red Light Therapy (RLT), a non-invasive treatment making waves in the wellness industry. 

Osteoarthritis is becoming more problematic as the population ages.  One in every two persons in the US will experience some form of osteoarthritis in their lifetime, and the incidence is 80% in those over 75. Reports posted by Arthritis Research & Therapy suggest that low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) is an alternative approach to anti-inflammatory drugs with no known side effects and with reports of substantial therapeutic efficacy in osteoarthritis. But what exactly does it mean to heal something using light?

Understanding Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy involves exposing the body to low wavelengths of red light. This light penetrates deep into skin and muscle tissue, promoting cellular repair and reducing inflammation—a key benefit for arthritis sufferers. Unlike more invasive procedures or high-dose medications, RLT offers a gentle yet effective alternative, free from the side effects commonly associated with traditional arthritis treatments.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy for Arthritis
  1. Pain Reduction: One of the most significant benefits reported by RLT users is the substantial decrease in joint pain. The therapy helps in reducing inflammation and swelling in the joints, thus alleviating pain and enhancing mobility.
  2. Increased Circulation: RLT stimulates blood circulation around the joints. Improved blood flow not only helps in reducing inflammation but also supports the healing process of the joint tissues.
  3. Enhanced Tissue Repair: By stimulating collagen production, RLT aids in the regeneration of cartilage, which is often worn down in arthritis patients. This regeneration can help in cushioning the joints and providing greater mobility.
  4. Safe for Regular Use: Red Light Therapy is non-invasive and devoid of the risks associated with surgeries. It’s suitable for regular use, allowing individuals to integrate it into their daily wellness routines.
My transformation with Red Light Therapy

“My journey with Red Light Therapy began at a critical juncture in my life. I was grappling with severe arthritis and obesity, and the prospect of a double hip replacement loomed over me. In search of a lifeline, I discovered Red Light Therapy. The impact was astounding—within just two weeks and about six sessions, my pain significantly subsided, I regained mobility, and I could sleep on my side without hip pain for the first time in years. This remarkable turnaround not only improved my quality of life but also ignited a passion within me to share this therapy with others. It was this transformative experience that inspired me to start Avanti Body, aiming to bring the same relief and renewal to others facing similar health challenges.”

Integrating RLT into Your Lifestyle

Incorporating Red Light Therapy into one’s arthritis management plan can be a smooth process. Facilities like Avanti Body offer tailored RLT sessions, ensuring that each individual’s specific needs and conditions are addressed. Moreover, our holistic approach to wellness ensures that clients receive comprehensive care, combining RLT with other wellness practices to maximize health benefits.


As we continue to battle the pervasive impacts of arthritis, Red Light Therapy stands out as a beacon of hope. Its ability to reduce pain, enhance joint function, and improve overall quality of life without adverse side effects makes it a valuable tool in the arsenal against arthritis. This Arthritis Awareness Month, let’s shed light on innovative therapies that promise not just relief but also a pathway to a more active and fulfilling life.