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Respite care is temporary care which is provided to caregivers. It provides short term care or breaks for families and other unpaid caregivers. Caring for others is a wonderful thing to do but it also causes stress and exhaustion, which leads to ill health. Friends and family members provide millions of hours of unpaid care every year but sometimes they need care also. They need a period of rest so they can recharge again.

Where can you find respite care?

  • Decide what type of care you need. For some, it’s asking for assistance from friends and family. For many caregivers a few hours a day, several times a week is often enough time for them to relax and spend some time on their own needs.
  • Look for a respite worker, an outside care provider who can come in and take care of your loved one. Check references and make sure they are qualified to give the kind of care that is needed. If you loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s they should have experience dealing with these types of patients.







You know you need respite care if you’re a caregiver who rarely gets a break or time for a meal. Having time off is essential to being the best caregiver you can be without putting your health at risk. Respite care is looked on as preventative care for you, so you don’t become ill. When you care for someone else you can’t put your whole life on hold. You still have your own errands to run and quite often a family of your own who depends on you.

Caregivers often don’t look into respite care because of the costs. In most areas there are grants available if you need to hire an outside worker. Don’t let your health suffer because you are worried about the financial costs of respite care. To read more on finding respite care and who needs it, click here.