For years now, there has been little to no support financially for family caregivers. Yet we always hear that wherever possible it is best for family to care for seniors. We also know most seniors would prefer to stay at home rather then go into an assisted living or long term care facility. So it just makes sense that the government recognizes the benefits to seniors staying at home.

What support is there for caregivers financially?

In some provinces in Canada, you are entitled to take a leave of absence from work. You may qualify for some compensation from the government  but it certainly isn’t the same as being able to stay working.

In the US, many states are adopting what they call “Structured  Family Caregiving.” It seems to becoming more and more popular now that there is money to be saved by the government and stress reduced for family caregivers. Those in this program are entitled to be paid caregivers. This concept allows the caregiver to perhaps quit their jobs. Take a leave of absence from work. Get some financial compensation.

Now we are talking. Long overdue and in place since 2013, this program is proving to save each state money while allowing seniors to stay at home longer and family to step in more than ever.

Sounds like a win win.

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