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Essay writing is probably one of the most common tasks given by teachers in high school and college, but despite this, many students find it quite challenging to cope with this task. The reasons may differ; for example, it may be difficult for someone to express their thoughts in writing, someone has not developed the skill of writing such assignments, or someone can be lazy. And for others, the main problem may be that although they can write, they do it very slowly.

Of course, the easiest way out of this situation is to simply pay money and just wait for a high-quality essay and review college graduation essay examples, which will be written exactly in the time frame requested by the teacher. And we agree that such a solution looks very tempting. However, if you want to understand the reasons why you write slowly and come up with ways to solve this problem so that such situations do not arise in the future, read the article, analyze and take action.

1. No plan

Like any other academic assignment, writing a good essay is next to impossible without a plan. Perhaps, having heard the task, you could have a very interesting thought or idea, but one idea is not enough to write, for example, a thousand-word essay. When compiling, you must take into account the following components:

– Time

Having learned the task, you must evaluate your strengths and understand how well you know the topic. If this is something familiar to you, then you can safely set aside a few days to complete all the work. If this is the first time you are faced with such a task, then it is advisable to give yourself enough time, or even free up a few extra days, if there is an opportunity to postpone more manageable tasks.

– Sources

An equally important point is the sources for writing the work. Well, if all you need to write is your own head and a little imagination. But if you need to write a paper, for example, on marketing, then you will need to collect all the necessary textbooks and magazines, and sometimes even perform calculations or analyze statistics yourself.

– Structure

Decide on the structure of your essay, what information will be included in the introductory part, what conclusions you will draw, and what to write about in the main part. All this is important and will help you not to stray. Even if it seems to you that the preparation for writing itself is very laborious, it is necessary to do this, as it will also help to set deadlines for the work and stick to them.

2. Constant Distractions

It’s probably hard to find someone who can sit in front of a computer screen for several hours working on their assignment. After all, we are all human, and we may want to eat or drink at any moment. However, it is always important to try to minimize these distractions. Let there always be a large bottle of water on the table and somewhere in a drawer, you should stock some nuts or dark chocolate, those products that will productively affect the functioning of your brain. All textbooks and various sources that you plan to use should also be nearby so that there is no temptation to go to the library to get them, and forget what you went for along the way. If extraneous noise distracts you, and the neighbors on campus are very different, buy yourself sound-absorbing headphones and always use them while studying. And, of course, the biggest distraction for each of us is our phones. Try to forget about your social life for a while because your academic life depends on how well you do this task.

3. Misinterpretation of the task

If you have even the slightest doubt that you correctly understood the assignment or the instructions that came with the topic, the correct solution, in this case, would be to check with the teacher or perhaps your tutor if you have one. Imagine how difficult it will be for you to force yourself to redo an essay if, after spending a week on it, your teacher says that you misunderstood the assignment.

4. Comparing yourself to others

Each of us has a spirit of competition, but sometimes it is better not to listen to it and leave yourself alone. So what if someone writes 15 articles a week? It is important for you not to chase the results of others but to fulfill the tasks that the teachers set for you. If you want to speed up your pace, just practice, and come up with topics for yourself. If your inspiration is not at your desk, always have a notebook with you where you can take notes and save some valuable ideas. After all, no one knows when a particular topic can be helpful to you. And by the way, stop editing every single sentence millions of times; it also slows down your writing pace.

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