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The conversation about sexual assault is not one many would like to have, but it has to be done. According to RAINN, there are about 463,634 victims of sexual violence each year in the United States, and every 68 seconds, there is an American who has just been sexually violated.

Research has also shown that people aged between 12 and 34 are at greater risk of getting sexually abused. Sex offenders are everywhere, and while it is hard to curb their actions, you can take measures to protect your family. Various countries created the sex offenders registry to help determine where sex offenders in a particular community are.

Are you moving into a new environment, and are you concerned about your family’s safety? Or do you need measures to help keep everyone around you safe from sexual violence? This article is set to help you stay protected, along with your family. 

Tips To Keep Your Family Protected

1. Establish trust between your family:

A vital aspect of ensuring your family is safe is establishing trust between family members. For children, you should create a safe space where they can talk to you about anything.

You should also be involved in your child’s life, ask them questions, get to know what they are doing, and find out those they relate with daily. 

2. Talk to your children:

Many adults make a mistake when dealing with sexual violence and sex offenders by trying to keep things from their children or the young ones under their care because they believe they are too young to understand. However, talking to your children about the situation of things makes them feel more comfortable talking to you.

Children might find it hard to open up about subjects they find uncomfortable, and you can only receive questions about the topic when you have been open to them in the first place. Explain why they must avoid some places or some people and keep the line for communication open.

3. Teach your Kids Boundaries:

Boundaries help to set guidelines for healthy behaviors. Make your child(ren) understand how to relate to others in or outside the family. Let them know what to do or who to report to once someone in the family or outside crosses these boundaries.

4. Be observant:

Sex offenders are everywhere and are known to devise various tricks to violate unsuspecting people. To protect your children and family, make sure you are on the lookout for any signs that might point toward sexual violation.

5. Conduct your research:

Another step you should take towards ensuring your family’s safety is to look into past cases of sexual violation. You can take time to find registered sex offenders in your area; this can help you plan your movement with your children and know what routes your kids should avoid going through without adult supervision.

How To Find Sex Offenders Registry:

A sex offenders registry contains a list of all convicted sex offenders in a particular state. The registry shows basic information about the offenders, like their full names and location. If you are curious about the presence of offenders in your area, there are a few ways to perform a sex offenders search; however, the most effective way is to use Radaris’ free sex offender search.

With Radaris, you can use a sex offenders map to search for sex offenders in your hometown. Other details on a sex offenders list are gender, race, date of birth, and address. Radaris sex offenders search provides fast, comprehensive, and accurate results at no cost.


As a parent or a guardian to young children, you must take advantage of tools that help empower you on various protective measures that you can take to ensure the safety of children in your care. A sex offenders registry provides you with information about sex offenders in your area, and you can then use the tips provided above to keep your family safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Radaris Sex offenders Map cost?

Every search on the sex offenders registry is free on Radaris.

  • Can a person say that I looked them up?

Searches on the sex offenders registry are safe and secure, and no one can tell that you have searched for them.