Moving to a New State

Moving as seniors requires careful thought and research, with a priority on safety and comfortability. In addition to all the essential items that need moving, some seniors may also require to move their car, and hence would require a suitable auto transport provider. 

Relocating can be challenging for anybody, even more so for seniors. One of the best ways to make the process of moving less worrying for seniors is to make a checklist. Whether they’re moving to live closer to family or relocating as part of retirement, a checklist can always come in handy. 

We recommend making a checklist for each stage of the moving process, beginning two months before the move, with the last one meant for moving day. So let’s take a look:

Two Months Left for Moving Day

While two months may seem like a long time, it can fly by pretty quickly, particularly when you’re busy putting things in order for the impending move. 

Finalize the Retirement Community/Home

This is somewhat obvious, but when you’re two months out from the move, it’s imperative that you finalize where the seniors will live. It is also feasible to visit there and check the arrangements yourself. Ascertain that the home includes a wheelchair ramp (if required) and general accessibility-related features that allows seniors to easily move around the home. 

Receive Quotes From Multiple Movers

As soon as the move is finalized, you will have to get in touch with the movers and receive a quote. It is wise to obtain quotes from multiple movers to ensure you’re getting the best value. Choose between three or four providers with emphasis on pricing and the duration they’ll take to deliver the items. 

Pick a Mover

After conducting thorough research on all the popular movers, it’s time to choose a provider and finalize the move. You should do this two months in advance because companies can often be fully booked on certain dates, especially in summer. 

Start Organizing Personal Belongings

Starting to organize items a couple of months in advance can come in handy when moving day arrives. Sort out the items seniors will need in their new home, and label them properly so that they can be found easily later. If you’re short on time or space, it can also help to ask your family members or close friends to keep some of the seniors’ items temporarily. Moreover, some movers even provide a long-term storage facility, which is worth considering.

One Month Left for Moving Day:
Start Packing

With a month left for the move, it’s a good time to start packing the seniors’ items that will accompany them into the new home. Follow standard packing procedures, including proper labeling, to ensure the movers can easily identify your items on moving day. Also, remember to pack the necessary documentation that the seniors may require.

Talk to the Doctor

Get in touch with the physician to ensure all the medications are in order, including any prescriptions if required. You may also need to confirm their new address so that prescriptions are sent to the right location. Doctors will inform you if the seniors will have any trouble during the move, depending on the distance. 

A Week Left for Moving Day:
Change Mailing Address

The seniors’ mail address needs to be updated so that they continue receiving mail in their new homes. Also notify billers, such as insurance companies, of the change in address.

Pack All Required Medication

If the seniors are on prescription medication, it’s recommended to pack them a week before moving day. But remember to pack the medications in a familiar place so that you remember to take them with you on moving day. 

Moving Day
Confirm You Have the Right Movers

The big day is finally here, and you’re closer to crossing the last hurdle. The first step on moving day is confirming the movers are legitimate by checking for brand logos on their clothing and truck. Carefully read through the documents and sign them. Feel free to clarify any doubts about the finer details of the document. 

Final Walkthrough of Your Home

Just before you leave your home, it is customary to go through the entire property, possibly accompanied by a real estate agent, to make sure everything is in order.

Time to Move

Now that you’ve dealt with each step along the way, it’s finally time to sit back and look forward to your parent’s life in a new state. The only thing left is to head over to the new home and help unpack the items that arrive. Based on the distance, this could be anywhere from a day to a few days. 


Moving is a significant moment in our lives. Breaking it down into multiple stages and planning well in advance helps make the process less stressful. By following our checklist, you can be prepared for the seniors’ imminent move while also managing some of the crucial tasks well in advance.