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As we age we sometimes spend time thinking about the woulda, coulda, shoulda. But you know what? It is so very clear that as a senior we have so much to be thankful for and those who aren’t seniors need to thank us for!  The benefits of being a senior are great, too! The impacts that seniors have on society and the younger generation is often not mentioned…well I am going to mention it in this article. Senior living today can be amazing and should be appreciated. There are 5 key things that are a part of being a senior that the younger generation, simply doesn’t have under their belts (typically.)


These aspects of senior living are worth mentioning and sharing.

  1. Seniors have meaningful insight into life (every decade brings on more)
  2. Seniors have more knowledge and life experiences. (travel, love, work & family)
  3. Seniors tend to be happier as they age. (stresses have decreased as family and work demands have decreased)
  4. Seniors truly benefit from social connections. (you know who you want to hang out with and who not to. You surround yourself with those that make you laugh & smile)
  5. Seniors have helped and influenced others. (in society, your children, grandchildren, at work, at church, at school….absolutely an endless list)

It is expected that in about 30 years, you are more apt to interact with someone 65 years of age or older verses any other age. Our population is aging and what a great thing! So much knowledge!

So while I encourage existing seniors to read our articles and ensure they are aging safely, I ask everyone else to consider how much they can benefit from interactions with seniors. We talk about 5 things here but the list can be endless. Agree? Send us your comments.

See original article that talks specifically to what you should consider and appreciate when you have the privilege of interacting with seniors and find a reason to spend time with a senior today.