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FireandIceDiamonds 85764 Gifts Give Spouse image1

Being together for six decades is a big deal! You and your spouse have spent years supporting one another through good times and bad. Picking out the perfect gift to celebrate this accomplishment is important but isn’t always easy. There are various traditions associated with each anniversary, and in honor of your 60 year diamond anniversary, it could be time to celebrate with diamonds or something just as grand!

A Fun Getaway

Why not take it back to the early years and go on a fun trip together? Now that you’re both retired, you likely have the time to travel. Whether you’re going to Rome to see the Fountain of Venus or simply out of state for a romantic stay at a bed and breakfast, you’re sure to enjoy yourselves.

As you narrow down your selection on a place to go, think about where your spouse has always wanted to travel. Then, plan your trip accordingly. In doing this, you not only show them you’ve heard their dreams but that you want to bring them to fruition!

Jewelry That Sparkles

Are you looking for a traditional gift? Some of the most common gifts to give your spouse on your 60th anniversary are diamonds—they symbolize strength and the flames of love. If your spouse loves getting dressed up, this gift is even more personal because of the gemstone’s elegance!

Some ideas for a beautiful diamond gift include:

  • An anniversary ring
  • Diamond earrings
  • A necklace or pendant
  • A bracelet

Before buying a piece of jewelry, consider your partner’s taste and what they wear most often; while some love bracelets, others find them uncomfortable and get more use out of a pendant. Additionally, think about their taste since bigger isn’t always better for everyone. Some people love dainty jewelry pieces instead.

Something Personalized

Lastly, do something personal for your spouse or buy a gift with them in mind. If you’ve already purchased the perfect item but want to go the extra mile and give it a little something extra, you could make the gift yourself.

Handcrafted cards and photo albums filled with your life’s story as a couple are endearing and bring back old memories. As you and your spouse look through the pictures, you can reflect on old times and how your family has grown over the years. Remember that the gifts to give your spouse on your 60th anniversary symbolize your love and devotion to one another after six decades together.