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For the modern man, walking barefoot is something unimaginable. Even though our ancestors walked barefoot all the time, nowadays that is unacceptable. Whether it’s due to the dirt or safety, people need good shoes to go by. That’s why there are thousands of shoe stores in every city.

We use shoes daily, also, we need adequate shoes for walking, running, training, etc. But can you wear the wrong shoes? Absolutely. Poorly-designed shoes are everywhere. There are numerous short-term and long-term negative health effects of wearing wrong shoes. The only way to prevent and treat them is by taking care of your feet and overall health. How can you spot these negative health effects?

1. Corns 

Poorly fitting shoes can cause chaos on your feet almost immediately. Corns are one of the most common short-term problems that affect people’s feet daily. What are they and how are they caused?

Corns are caused by prolonged pressure on your feet, especially toes. They manifest as hard plugs on bony parts of your feet, made out of dead skin. If you wear loosely fitted footwear, chances are your feet will slide and rub, causing the corns.

That pressure can be extremely painful. Corns can contain blood vessels and nerve fibres which can worsen the pain. If you notice corns, seek medical attention as soon as possible as they can get attached to the soft tissue which makes them unable to get rid of.

2. Nail problems

One of the most common problems caused by wearing the wrong shoes is the nail problem. Combined with fungal infections and ingrown nails, they are one of the most widespread problems caused by footwear in the world. What causes them and can they be treated?

Ingrown toenails are usually caused by tight shoes. It happens when the side of your toenail repeatedly pierces through the skin which can cause the throbbing pain. Make sure that you cut your nails properly and try not to put on tight socks and shoes. 

Similarly, fungal toenail infection is also caused by tight footwear. It manifests as discolouration and brittleness of the nail which can cause further complications if not treated. Wear shoes with spores to prevent infections. 

3. Foot ulcers

Do you have a deep sore or a break in the skin that hurts? You probably have an ulcer. Contrary to the popular belief, not only diabetic patients can get foot ulcers. They can be caused by numerous things. 

For example, you may have a cut that’s healing slowly and the unhygienic atmosphere in your shoes is making It worse. Or, on the other hand, you may be wearing a poorly fitting shoe, which results in the feet rubbing against it, causing ulcers and infections.

Most ulcers are located at the side of your foot or the bottom. Consider asking your doctor how to properly treat it. Did you know that flat shoes can be effective for ulcer healing? If not, hop in your most comfortable shoes and be patient.

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4. Issues with joints

Wearing improper shoe wear for a long time can cause a series of issues related to your ankles and knees. Your shoes need to adequately support your feet in order to prevent knee pain and arthritis. What is adequate support? One thing is certain, high-heeled shoes aren’t.

Your legs are forced to work more which causes your knees to bend and hurt. Besides that, poorly-fitted shoes can go further and cause deformities. You don’t want that to happen, right?

Instead of wearing high heels all day, opt for more comfortable, better-quality shoes that can support your ankles, knees and hips.

5. Collapsed arches

One of the most common long-term problems is fallen or collapsed arches, better known as flat feet. It manifests as feet with low or no arches, that press hard to the ground. 

One of the most common causes of collapsed arches is shoes with no heel at all. It causes stiffness in Achilles’ tendons and affects the entire leg and its muscles. This can further cause strain and more serious problems such as spring ligament and plantar fascia. 

Ignoring this type of problem can cause chronic pain that interferes with your daily activities. So, consider paying your local physio a visit. Only the experts like reliable Brisbane physio can help you heal your heels and get back on your feet in no time. Professionals offer a wide range of services from taking care of your feet to your posture. 

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6. Back problems

Believe it or not, improper shoes can cause additional problems with your posture and back. You can feel backache after walking too long in the wrong shoes. This backache usually targets your lower back, the lumbar area.

The main cause of this issue is the high heeled shoes. Try to wear them as little as possible. If they are a part of your daily uniform, purchase well-designed shoes that support your back.

What happens if you don’t? Over time, you’ll overuse your back muscles. Lumbar muscles will get stiff which will result in postural changes. To prevent that, wear low shoes and do posture exercises. There’s nothing better than a healthy posture. 


We’ve all made shoe wear mistakes in the past. However, now it’s time to wake up and get up on the right foot. Take care of your feet and the shoes you wear for better overall health. Don’t hesitate to check in with your doctor in case you have some issues or questions. Walking is healthy only if it’s done in the right shoes.