Senior Relocation Services

The innovative brand, created to solve a unique need in the senior care industry, is on its way to reaching 300 franchise units as the market rapidly expands in the wake of COVID-19.

While there is no shortage of brands offering medical care and even home-improvement services for seniors, very few businesses are equipped to help seniors move from their homes to a care facility or manage the relocation or sale of all personal belongings. Caring Transitions, a franchise that helps seniors relocate to and from care facilities, was founded two years ago as
a way to fill that gap. Since then, the brand has exploded in popularity and just reached its 255th franchise unit this year. Looking ahead, the brand hopes to reach 400 units in the next five years.

Founded in 2006 in Cincinnati, Caring Transitions is the first and largest national franchising concept specializing in senior relocation and transition services.

Caring Transitions was created to help those dealing with the evolving needs of elderly loved ones, founded on the belief that the most successful life transitions happen when care and compassion are involved.

The Caring Transitions service helps seniors and families organize personal property and manage the moving process during stressful life events, with the goal of assisting them in regaining control, personal time and peace of mind.
Caring Transitions is not a moving company, nor is it an estate sales company. It is a transition company, and that’s a very important distinction. Everyone faces getting old and getting sick, but very few people truly plan for it. When that reality arrives, so many logistical details have to be accounted for, and people get overwhelmed. A 2020 study identified the most stressful life event as moving, exceeding divorce and getting married.

While other companies only handle certain aspects of what seniors need during this stressful time, Caring Transitions aims to be the complete solution. In order to help families comfortably work through an inherently uncomfortable situation, it takes a lot more than moving a bunch of boxes from one place to another.

Caring Transitions helps seniors relocate by actually spending time at their homes, helping them pack and organize their belongings, then moving those belongings to the new home and setting them up in a comfortable and familiar way. Through their proprietary online sales platform, CTBIDS, Caring Transitions also prepares clients for the process of liquidating assets through
their own online estate sales auction site.

And this unique service has never been more needed as the booming senior care market — which is estimated at $832.8 billion — continues to grow at a projected rate of 3.9% year over year through 2025. The senior population is also increasing rapidly in the United States — by the year 2040, AARP reports that about 20% of the population will be 65 years old or older. The Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) has reported there will be 27 million people in need of long – term care by the year 2050, double the number who required these services in 2000.

Now, as Caring Transitions continues to expand as a company, it is clear that there is a growing need for trustworthy partners who can support the relocation process. Savvy entrepreneurs are looking for a way into the senior-care market, especially after COVID-19, and the brand offers a lucrative pathway that requires no medical experience and little overhead due to its home-based business model. Best of all, local Caring Transitions owners can tap into this demand from two angles — seniors who are moving to their community and seniors who are moving out. The brand has perfected a referral-based marketing system that helps owners produce an endless
stream of referrals and clients.

While Caring Transitions ownership can be a very lucrative opportunity, most franchisees say the biggest reward of the business isn’t their margins — however impressive they may be. Instead, they will tell you about when they walked a client into their new home, and the client started crying because everything was just how they were familiar with it at their last home. Then their family starts crying. Then the franchisee starts crying. Our transitions often end with a hug. That is why owners don’t have to be an expert in this industry; they just need to be passionate, coachable and willing to put in the legwork.

2022 is shaping up to be a major growth year for Caring Transitions as the brand embarks on the final stretch of its 400-unit growth goal, and the team couldn’t be more excited to partner with talented and passionate new owners across the country.