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funeral 2511124 1280

Image by Johana Peña from Pixabay

Many of us have some sort of idea in our heads about how we would like our funerals to look. By choosing to plan your funeral in advance, you get to decide much of how you would like the day to be, so your loved ones can come together in the way that you envision. Here are some of the details you might want to consider.


If you have chosen to be cremated, you should think about where you would like to be scattered. There are many beautiful places in Texas where you could choose to have your ashes scattered, so this might be something that you wish to pass on to someone. This will allow them to make preparations for a scattering ceremony, whether it is just them or a group of your loved ones all gathering together for it. 

You might also want to look into some of the cremations Fort Worth & Dallas Texas can offer so you can make arrangements for the funeral and ease the road a little after you have passed on. Make sure to check out this website for more information about cremations.


An important part of any funeral service is the music that is played. There are so many different choices of song that you could choose to be played. If you have a favourite that you want people to hear and think of you with, you should consider requesting it to play at your funeral.

There are several tones you could set here. Something beautiful and comforting could be a nice way to say goodbye to your loved ones through music. However, choosing something happy and bright might be more in line with your personality, and it could provide a few laughs during the service.


While black is the traditional colour to wear to a funeral, not everyone likes to stick to this. If you lived a bright and colourful life, there is no reason for things to be sombre after you have gone.

Some people prefer to make their funerals as bright and as colourful as possible. They request that everyone wears patterns and colours instead of black. It might be a little untraditional but it could also be far more in line with you than having everyone dress up in smart black clothes. Remember that a funeral should be about a celebration of your life, in whatever form it might take, so wearing colour might fit that perfectly.

While thinking of your funeral might feel a little bit morbid, it is important that you think of how you would like your loved ones to say goodbye to you. The more you can plan, the easier it will be on them when they come together to say farewell. What’s more, you will get to dictate the precise manner in which they say goodbye to you. If you have a picture in mind for your funeral, make sure you pass it on to someone you trust.