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Why does our skin age? Our natural aging process affects our skin just as if affects the rest of our body. Our face will lose some of its fullness. Our skin will tend to be drier as it becomes thinner. Much of this is controlled by our genes.

However, there are some things you can do or change to help your skin age naturally and look healthy.

  • Avoid the sun. Most of the damage that we see we attribute to aging but is actually caused by spending time in the sun. The ultraviolet rays penetrate our skin and damage the fibres which help to keep it firm. The result is age spots and wrinkling. We now know that some sun exposure is good for us so stay out of the sun during the part of the day when it is at its strongest. Wear a hat and use sunscreen. Just remember that even the strongest sunscreens cannot keep you from getting wrinkles.
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates your body and as it does so it also dries out your skin. Overtime the damage shows, sometimes as deep wrinkles. Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum and while you’re at it step up the amount of water you drink each day. Your skin needs it.
  • Improve your diet. Your skin loves vitamins especially those that come from vegetables and fruit. Stay away from the junk that fills your body with sugar and look for leafy greens, tomatoes and peppers.  It’s also advisable to know what are the best vitamins for skin health and beauty and include the right dietary supplements in your daily routine in order to achieve glowing skin. All contribute nutrients to your body.
  • Get more sleep. Many of us have trouble sleeping at night. Going to bed a little earlier will give you a better chance of sleeping more soundly. Your body needs this time to repair the damage that is done to it each day. As you get older you should realize that those hours before midnight are important. Don’t burn the candle at both ends.







It’s never too late to start doing what’s best for your skin. Most of us have habits that contribute to skin damage. Just changing one bad habit at a time can result in healthier skin. Take care of your skin before the damage is irreversible.