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There is no place like home, and we all wish that our loved ones could stay in theirs forever. It seems almost unfair to drag them to an unfamiliar place to stay with unfamiliar people. But as hard as it is, there comes a point when staying in one’s own home can become dangerous. Knowing when to consider a nursing home will help keep our loved ones safe and improve their quality of life.

Deteriorating Health

Even the strongest among us can succumb to the ravages of illnesses. In those circumstances, everyday tasks that were once simple—walking up the stairs, taking out the trash, sweeping the floor—can become difficult or even impossible. Minor accidents become far more severe, especially if there’s no one around. When proximity to healthcare professionals is necessary to live safely, it’s time to consider a nursing home.

Increased Confusion

It’s common for memory and reaction times to slow down when we get older, but memory loss and confusion can become dangerous over time.

Dementia patients are at greater risk for: 

  • Getting lost
  • Falling 
  • Accidentally consuming toxic material 
  • Getting into accidents

It’s possible to care for our loved ones with memory loss in their own home. But if we can’t monitor them all the time, the situation can become risky. A memory care facility will have the expertise to care for them.

Pervasive Isolation

Isolation has a more profound impact on the health of seniors than many people realize. Those who are isolated are at greater risk for obesity, dementia, heart failure, stroke, depression, anxiety, suicide, and premature death. A nursing home doesn’t only supply a loved one with help for their physical needs. It provides a built-in social circle of peers as well as nurses and even psychologists.

Moving a loved one into a nursing home is never someone’s first choice. But when it comes to making sure they are safe, it’s often necessary. Take the time to identify what their most immediate needs are and research a facility thoroughly. You can make the transition smooth for everyone.