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It can be nice to get away from yourself and just enjoy the moment. If you are like many people, your mind is often cluttered with a collection of worries and unnecessary thoughts that can reduce your level of happiness. Biking almost automatically puts you in the moment and strips away most of your concerns.

One of the great things about a tricycle for adults is you do not have to concentrate too much on balance, as the bike stays balanced by itself. This frees up your mind to focus on other things. All of a sudden you are thinking about the blue sky, the trees and the singing of birds. Perhaps you are settling into a favorite childhood memory or anticipating a wonderful moment in the future.

You have achieved mindfulness without even trying. This tends to boost your mood and lead to a more positive outlook. Once you are off your bike and back in the real world again, consider these additional techniques:

  1. Gently focus on your breathing for five minutes
  2. Sit quietly and concentrate on your five senses
  3. Perform a mental body scan and relax your muscles
Promote Healthy Aging by Riding Your Bike

Excellent health is a goal for all ages and it involves both your mind and your body. Seniors sometimes do not get enough physical exercise, and this could be for many reasons. Perhaps you have suffered an injury or have had a recent surgery. You might want to get back on your bike, but you are not sure if you are up to it.

Fortunately, three wheel bicycles for seniors make things much easier to start riding again. You won’t have to worry about falling over, as the two back wheels make this virtually impossible. You can get on and off the bike with ease as the step-through frame lets you sit comfortably even while the bike is not in motion. Finally, the ergonomic design makes for a comfortable riding position and takes the strain off your back, knees, shoulders and hands.

Improve Your Focus & Concentration

It is no secret that regular exercise supports better brain function. When you combine biking with some mindfulness techniques, you are likely to feel sharper. Both of these practices boost oxygen flow to all parts of the body, including the brain, and they can lead to the formation of new brain cells. They can also improve the mind by reducing stress and anxiety.

Back to the biking connection, it is probably true that some seniors don’t bike because they haven’t found the right bike for their fitness level. Electric tricycles for adults solve this problem for many. Not only are these bikes safer and more stable, but they also come with an electric motor that can be used to go up hills or to ride into the wind. Best of all, these bikes allow you to enjoy the many health benefits of regular biking.

Now is an excellent time to find the ideal bike for your needs. If you aren’t careful, it could lead to more happiness and better health.