What are the benefits of Montem Trekking poles?

  • Walk longer and farther while stimulating core muscles that help you stabilize your spine, providing centered balance and confidence in your stride.
  • Reduce the impact of pressure off your joints and hips and let the poles work for you, like an extra set of legs with two extra points of contact.
  • Maintain a consistent walking rhythm while gaining extra traction on stubborn trails.
  • A 1999 study in The Journal of Sports Medicine found that trekking poles can reduce impact on the knees by up to 25%!
  • Another study shows that using trekking poles increases calories burned by up to 40%!

What Other Hiking Stick Benefits Are There? 

1. Trekking poles help alleviate pressure on both your spine and legs.

By employing one or two additional points of contact with the ground, your upper body can help offset the strain on your lower body and core.

2. Hiking poles and trekking poles help improve your balance.

Even experienced hikers occasionally find it difficult to keep their balance while carrying a heavy pack. By giving yourself an additional point of contact (or two), you’ll benefit from much better stability and balance. Trekking poles are ideal for enhanced balance and mobility. Apart from improving your posture and balance, using trekking poles result in less strain on the lumbar and knees.

3. Hiking sticks make it possible to cross more difficult terrain when necessary.

Want to cross a stream, climb a steep hill or negotiate a sand dune? Your Montem trekking poles will turn that hassle into a breeze.

4. Hiking poles provide a small measure of increased safety.

While they indeed aren’t designed for the purpose, hiking sticks can help increase your apparent size should you encounter a coyote, bear or stray dog that gets too close for comfort.

5. Trekking poles provide impact reduction and safety.

You can remove 3 percent to 5 percent of the impact from every step with each pole plant thanks to our shock-absorbing aluminum poles. You can reduce knee strain, especially while hiking downhill. Using a trekking pole significantly reduces the chances of experiencing sprains and fractures because you are less likely to lose your balance. Trekking poles also prevent injuries when walking on uneven terrain because they function as extra legs.

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