These days you are just as apt to find seniors playing the latest video games to stay in shape as you are to see them walking or bowling or taking dance classes. Makers of video games have jumped on the fitness wagon and cater to all age groups with a variety of games that will add to your fitness. We have talked before how important senior fitness is. Video games are a great way to stay fit! 

Which games are best for senior fitness?

Wii Fit Plus is a less intense workout than most, perfect for seniors as it aids in balance and helps prevent falls.

Walk It Out – Nintendo Wii is a fitness focused game where the more you walk, the more your world expands. With the musical background to help you along, it’s also made for multi-players so ask a friend over!

For the sports enthusiast, Wii sports includes tennis, baseball, bowling and golf.

Rhythm Kung-Fu, another low impact game where seniors can follow the kung fu poses while listening to Kung Fu movie music. Great for seniors and a lot of fun.

While these games are fitness oriented, there are also games that improve cognitive function such as World of Warcraft. By engaging the brain, all of these games improve concentration and mental capacity.

Video games help to improve hand-eye coordination and put the brain in learning mode. Anything new that is learned through playing can be applied to other tasks as well. Games relieve stress and since many are multi-player, they also give seniors a chance to socialize while enjoying themselves. Video games can help those with strokes or other disabilities to maintain or recover lost motor function.

Video games may not be the fountain of youth but they are fun to play and can keep seniors elderly in great shape while spending time with others and relaxing. Tell us what video games you enjoy! We would love to hear from you!