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If you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth but you’re not sure about the different ways to do so, then keep reading. We’re going to be covering everything you need to know when it comes to the options available to help give you the perfect smile. Find out more below. 

Whitening Teeth And Removing Staining

When it comes to improving the appearance of our teeth, the primary concern for many of us is whitening our teeth. It’s natural for teeth to have a slightly yellow tone to them, and for some, this can be more pronounced than others as genetics can play a big part. Staining and yellowing can also be caused by the food and drink we consume. Many soft drinks as well as drinks such as red wine can cause staining and discolouration of the tooth enamel. There are, however, plenty of options available to help whiten your teeth and remove staining. At-home whitening kits are available on the market, but you may find that these only provide a temporary whitening effect.

For the best results, you should have your teeth whitened by a dentist. While this can be more effective than other options on the market, it will provide the best long-term results and the most noticeable effect. A dentist will also be able to remove any stubborn stains that can’t be fully removed with whitening kits.

Repairing Chips In Teeth

If you have knocked your tooth, you may have noticed that there a is a small chip missing from it, which can affect the appearance and uniformity of your teeth. This can be easily repaired by a dentist, however, using a method called bonding. They will simply apply a small amount of hard-wearing resin that has been colour matched exactly to the natural appearance of your teeth. This is then sculpted into the correct shape to ensure it matches the alignment of your teeth and looks flawless. They will then polish it to help it blend into the rest of the tooth. 

Replacing Missing Teeth

Even an entire missing tooth can be easily replaced. Those who have a missing tooth may worry that having a fake tooth fitted may look unnatural or out of place. However, resin teeth can look highly realistic and blend in flawlessly with the rest of your natural teeth.

When creating your new tooth, the dentist will ensure the resin is matched perfectly to the teeth surrounding it both in colour and their natural shape. The missing tooth is often fitted into place using a bridge or denture. However, a more permanent option is to have a dental implant fitted. This involves fitting a titanium plate with the replacement tooth fitted to it.

Reducing Gaps In Your Teeth

You may wish to reduce a gap in your teeth either for aesthetic reasons or because it’s affecting the positioning of your other teeth. There are a few different options available for fixing gaps in your teeth, so it’s worth carrying out some research into which you think would be the best option for you. Using an aligner can be a great option to not only reduce gaps in your teeth but also straighten them at the same time.

Aligners can be used throughout the day or night to gradually reshape the structure of your smile, making it appear more uniform. Aligners can also be clear, meaning it doesn’t have to be obvious you’re wearing them. Another option for gaps in your teeth is to have the space filled with resin bonding. It’s important to bear in mind, however, that this only works if the gap is small enough. If the gap is too wide, something like aligners or braces to reshape the structure of your smile would be a better option.

Straightening Teeth

If you have crooked teeth or your teeth have become misshapen due to overcrowding, then you might be thinking of ways to straighten your smile. The most common treatment for straightening teeth is usually braces. Despite what many people have in mind when they imagine braces, they can actually be transparent or fitted at the back of the teeth, so they are less visible.

There are a range of different braces available, such as ceramic braces, metal braces, and removable braces that can be taken out when needed. Another popular option to consider is aligners, which can be taken off whenever you choose. 

As mentioned previously, they can also be transparent, so they won’t impact the appearance of your teeth while they are correcting them. Aligners will be designed uniquely for your needs using a mould taken from your teeth. It will then be tailor-made to help you achieve the look you’re aiming for from your aligner. Combining straightening with tooth whitening is a great way to significantly improve the appearance of your smile.