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Image by Kevin Ippisch from Pixabay

Invisible braces have exploded in popularity in recent years. With greater flexibility and less visibility than standard braces, they are the number one choice for a growing number of children and young adults today. Continue reading to familiarise yourself with some surprising facts about invisible braces. 

They can be removed 

Unlike standard braces, invisible braces can be removed if and when necessary. This can allow you to brush and floss your teeth as normal as well as prevent a build-up of food, debris, and bacteria. You can also eat and drink as you please as opposed to altering your diet to cut out hard, crunchy, or sticky foods. This adds a layer of convenience for those always on the go or unable to dedicate the time to maintaining standard braces. If you are looking for a convenient solution to all of your teeth straightening woes, consider invisible braces

They can be adjusted 

As standard braces are permanently fitted to your teeth, they must be adjusted by a qualified dentist or orthodontist. Invisible braces, on the other hand, can be adjusted in the comfort of your own home. If you notice your invisible braces have moved or no longer fit snugly, your orthodontist can simply send you a replacement set in the post. Each new set you receive will be designed to fit the contours of your mouth as it continues to adapt to the presence of invisible braces. This can allow you to proceed with your treatment at a pace that suits you. You may still be required to visit your orthodontist for regular check-up appointments, but the level of involvement is much less than it would be with standard braces.

You can wear them all day 

Although they can be removed, invisible braces can be worn for up to 20 hours a day including whilst you sleep. This can speed up, as well as increase the effectiveness of, your individualised treatment plan in the long run. They should only be removed to eat, drink, and brush, and floss your teeth. The longer you wear them, the quicker your smile can be transformed. 

You may still need a retainer

Regardless of which orthodontic treatment you opt for, retainers are a crucial part of maintaining a happy, healthy smile. It must be worn for as long as possible following the removal of standard braces or invisible braces. Your dentist will provide you with a set of instructions that you should strive to stick to. This can prevent your teeth from reverting to their previous position and requiring additional orthodontic treatment down the line. 

When it comes to teeth straightening, invisible braces are one of the most popular treatment methods available today. But with standard braces still the norm in a number of countries, it can be difficult to decide between the two. Before you make a decision, you should find out everything you can about invisible braces ahead of time. For example, they can be removed, they can be adjusted, you can wear them all day, and you may still need a retainer.