Hallowe’en is not just for kids! In fact, more adults and seniors are celebrating the holiday than ever before. But just like kids, there are safe ways to celebrate.

Safety Tips

  • If you are in your own home and giving out candy on Hallowe’en night to trick or treaters, have someone with you and always check before opening your door.
  • Keep your pets indoors.
  • Keep pathways to your door free from decorations or other hazards to small children.
  • Keep both indoor and outdoor lights on and make sure those who are trick or treating stay outside. A home that is dark can encourage vandals.
  • If you are driving that night, be extra careful to watch out for children crossing streets. Some costumes are very difficult to see at night.

Party Ideas

  • Decorate a room in your home. Invite friends and relatives over for their own treats, sugar-free for those who are on a low sugar diet.
  • Have a spooky movie night and watch all of the old classic scary movies such as Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
  • Play Charades or Pictionary based on a creepy theme.
  • Ask everyone to tell a story about a past Hallowe’en adventure.
  • Try Hallowe’en karaoke. You’ll find your guests will be more at ease if they are dressed in costumes. Base it on scary movie theme songs.
  • If you are a group of friends who live nearby or in the same building, relive your younger years by dressing up and visiting each other trick or treating. We all loved trick or treating when we were young and the enjoyment never goes away.

Seniors need a chance and love a reason to get together. Hallowe’en may not be everyone’s idea of a holiday but it still gives us an opportunity to get together and enjoy ourselves.