Assisted Living

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Assisted living caters for senior individuals who don’t need around the clock medical attention and can’t live independently. Mostly, people in assisted living need assistance with activities like: bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, and moving around in a wheelchair. However, people who need less help should opt for CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) or an independent living community.

Many families often begin searching for proper assisted living after encountering a health emergency that requires vital care. Most people do not know that this is a big decision that will require intense planning and research even before the need to commit a loved one arises. Frankly, it wouldn’t hurt to learn about associate degrees nursing online since it will help you compare the services offered by different nursing homes, which will help you pick one that best suits your needs and budget.

What Elements Should You Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

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Multiple factors have an impact on deeming a facility appropriate. Through prioritizing the elements outlined below, you will be able to narrow down your search for the perfect fit:

Transitions to Higher Care

Adjusting to living in a residence that offers 24 hours of medical and physical care after being accustomed to multiple years of complete independence could be plausibly daunting. For this reason, it is customary to be reluctant to contemplate taking the next move but, then again, essential. To ensure that the residents are offered the relevant health care services they need, assisted living facilities make a point of keeping in touch with their former healthcare providers. 


By taking the time to visit potential assisted living facilities, you can better understand how living in a particular facility will be like and get a sense of the environment through interacting with residents and staff. Although it would be convenient to do a fast online search for an assisted living facility, it would be best to reconsider, especially since this is a facility where your loved one will live out the rest of their life.


According to the NCAL, the most extensive assisted living facility in the U.S. has five hundred licensed beds, while the smallest has just four. The size of the facility matters, mainly since it affects the kind of services offered. More extensive facilities are bound to provide way more amenities like; specialized units for memory care, movie theatres and swimming pools as compared to smaller facilities.


The facility’s location has a significant influence on how it operates due to the laws in that specific area. In several states, the medical assistance that is made readily available to the residents is limited. In an instance like this, if your loved one requires a significant amount of medical care, you may need to look up facilities in other states or another option other than assisted living .


Your ability to afford assisted living determines whether or not you can commit your loved one to a facility. If you didn’t make an effort to save up for nursing or have long-term care insurance, you would be forced to get the money from your savings or take up loans to cover the expenses that come with assisted living. Since assisted living is an interim service that isn’t considered a necessity by Medicaid, it is absurd to assume that it will offer a financial subsidy.


Usually, assisted living facilities offer; exercise and wellness programs, dining services, medication management support and housekeeping. Others offer services for specific health needs. Some facilities even go as far as to invest in programs that help enhance the quality of life. By providing services like: computer and piano lounges, community outings, think art and pet therapy, these facilities add a little more comfort to its residents’ lives.

Point to Consider

When it comes down to assisted living for your ageing loved one, you want to look for something that guarantees your loved one is safe and well cared for. Such a facility will help ensure that your loved one lives out the rest of their life happily and peacefully. The enlisted factors will help you allocate the best-assisted living facility; use them.