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The Latest News on Osteoporosis

World Osteoporosis Day is October 20th. Osteoporosis causes almost 9 million fractures each year. That is one osteoporotic fracture every 3 seconds. Hip fractures in men are projected to increase by 310% by the year 2050. In women it will increase by 240%. Most of those who are at high risk of osteoporosis have already had at least one fracture caused by osteoporosis. These fractures haven’t been identified or treated. There is a lot of information available on osteoporosis but is there any new information that most aren’t aware of?

Osteoporosis Drug Treatment







Research is finding that some drugs used to treat elderly osteoporosis patients may actually be causing the bones to weaken. Biphosphonates are a group of drugs used to treat many osteoporosis patients. These drugs are known to slow down the process which causes the body to remove aging and damaged bone. There is evidence linking these drugs to microscopic cracks. This makes bones more fragile and therefore more prone to breaking.

Age Related Osteoporosis

Researchers have looked into the exact process of what causes osteoporosis as we age. They have found a protein that plays a very important role in the cells that produce bone. Due to a malfunction the cells stop producing the type of cells that make bone. Instead they create fat cells. Bones need a constant creation of the specific type of cells that produce it. By looking at cell tissue in older adults, scientists can now rule out whether or not elderly people with osteoporosis have enough of the bone creating cells.

New treatments for osteoporosis provide better protection against fractures and improved bone density. This is good news for those with severe osteoporosis since many of these patients cannot regain their original bone strength. This year the theme for World Osteoporosis Day is Love Your Bones. Various activities and events will be taking place in more than 90 countries. Love your bones and find out all you can about bone health as you age.