Doing complete training usually requires spending a lot of time in the gym. However, most of us cannot afford to spend hours exercising, and we often look for a workout that can help us quickly achieve the desired results. One of the training that certainly can answer our needs is a treadmill workout.

If you are regular in the gym, you have indeed done cardio treadmill workout for weight loss. It is an excellent machine for getting in shape and losing those extra pounds effectively. However, did you know that you could exercise on it in a way that allows you to combine cardio with strength training? 







Lots of people think of this piece of equipment as designed exclusively for cardio training and might think that this is some joke. Nevertheless, you can use this machine to do various exercises that enable you to enjoy the benefits of full training. Furthermore, if you are like most of us, someone with a hectic life, you will be happy to know that we are talking about just a 30-minute treadmill workout. Sounds surreal, right? Well, let’s see what is it all about and how you can enjoy this treadmill workout. 

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Treadmill Workout

We believe that everyone who went to a gym at least tried the standard treadmill workout. But in case you’ve been wondering how to exercise on a treadmill, we will go through some steps.  

It is one of the most common treadmill workout routines. It is reasonably easy; therefore, it is also suitable for beginners. 

Start with a one-minute walk at a comfortable pace only to continue with an easy 5-minute jog. While jogging, you should be able to talk to your friends.

The next step is to increase the speed, so you put in a hard effort. The sprint should last 30 seconds at your maximum rate. After that, you should return to easy jogging for about 90 seconds.

The goal is to repeat the sprint/jog intervals nine times, which will take about 18 minutes. 

To cool down, continue with either easy jogging or brisk walking for the last four minutes. 

Combined Workout

What we described above is one example of the basic treadmill workout. However, there are plenty of excellent exercises for those who want to combine a cardio workout treadmill with a strength workout. Here we will explain one treadmill strength workout that is known as HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training.

To start, you will do a basic warm-up. It should be a brisk walk that will gradually grow to be an easy jog that lasts for 10 minutes.

Then run at a 10mph/16kmh between 30 seconds and one minute. How long you will run depends on your overall shape. Make sure do run as long as you feel comfortable. Overdoing it won’t speed up the process. It can just make you feel sore and take a more extended break between training.

Take 2 minutes to walk at 3.5-4 mph/5.6/6.4kmh. 

You should repeat running/walking intervals eight times in total. If this is not challenging enough, add a little incline.

Finish by cool–down walk for about 5 minutes. 

It is, in our opinion, an excellent cardio/strength treadmill workout. It gives beautiful results as you will see and takes only around 30 minutes of your precious time. 


Our team values a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Therefore we enjoyed preparing this text for you because we believe that it is important to spread information about various ways to be in good shape. We know that in these busy times, it can be overwhelming to find the opportunity to take care of your physical health. That’s the way it was a great pleasure to present to you this 30-minute treadmill workout ideas. We hope you enjoyed it as well. We also hope to hear from you if you have some suggestions or ideas to share with us. 

This article is intended for informational purposes only. If you have any questions or are considering any recommendations, please consult your health practitioner.