Sibling Rivalry Estate Issues scaled
Sibling Rivalry Estate Issues scaled

The last thing any of us want is our children fighting. We expect it when the are young and growing up. We hope any sibling rivalry comes to an end once they have grown up. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn’t. This leaves aging parents in the middle. Then you throw in the money card which can bring out some real fights. Do you worry about your children fighting over estate issues? Have you set things up so that is not possible?

Have you thought about enjoying life and the money you have accumulated and not worrying about what you have to leave behind? Do you need to say No more often and do what is right for you? Maybe.

Many of us have not done anything about this. So just imagine that siblings who DID get along, after you pass, they don’t because there are unresolved estate issues in their minds? And siblings who maybe didn’t get along really go to town fighting over the estate. How sad that would be?

Some would say leave it to them to fight over. But so much money and energy can be spent fighting. Your hard earned money!

Once our parents are gone, we typically only have our siblings left from our original family. The loss of a parent should bring kids closer not further apart. But money does funny things to people, sadly.

Now I get that there are certain types of people and various circumstances that may cause sibling rivalry. And regardless of money or estate issues, they may never get resolution. But do you want your estate issues to be one of those circumstances?  Talk to your lawyer or financial advisor for some ideas and solutions.

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