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Earth Day is April 22nd and this year’s theme is EarthPLAY. EarthPLAY celebrates our great outdoors and wilderness areas. Though the idea is directed toward children since they are outdoors less than they once were, it also applies to seniors who may also spend too much time indoors.

How can seniors celebrate Earth Day this year?

  • Many seniors have grandchildren and great grandchildren. Talk to them about ways that you once spent time outdoors. Many seniors grew up spending most of their time outside until it was dark, climbing trees, playing tag, hide and seek or different games. Try to get your grandchildren more interested in outdoor play. Spend time outdoors with them, explaining outdoor safety and teaching them about nature. We all know that learning to love nature as a child becomes a lifelong interest.
  • Gardening is a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day. Many seniors love to garden and Earth Day can be a good reason to teach your grandchildren how to start a garden. Many children like plants that grow quickly so they can see the results of their efforts. Start with beans, radishes and sunflowers. If you have the space, children love pumpkins. Kids loving playing in earth and water. Gardening is an excellent example of something they can do that will stay with them forever.
  • Many communities will be holding Earth Day events. Attending one of these will help you find out more about what is happening in your community. This is a good time for seniors to give a talk on how they grew up “green”. Their younger years were spent without plastic and disposable items.

Earth Day is 47 years old this year. Though it started with the first whispers of concern about the environment, it has gathered momentum over the years as more and more citizens realized things had to change.Today over 1 billion people in countries across the world celebrate Earth Day.