regrets scaled

Younger and older adults often wonder if they’re living life to the fullest. The daily grind combined with family and financial stresses can wear us down and keep us from doing all of the things we want to do. We feel like we’re missing out and don’t want to come to the end of our lives regretting that we missed doing some of the things we could have done. Most of us will grow old and have to live with some regrets if we live an interesting life at all. What we don’t want is to waste our time on unimportant things. A survey of 1500 seniors came up with a list of what they regret the most and gives us some advice on how not to make those same mistakes.

  • Choose your mate carefully. This is one of the most important decisions in your life and many of us aren’t very careful. It’s better not to be in a relationship at all than to be with the wrong person. Take time to get to know someone well before committing yourself to them.
  • Travel while you can. Many of us wait too long to travel, thinking this is something we can do when we retire, only to find we are too ill to travel. Choose wisely. Spend your money on travelling instead of redoing your home.
  • Stop worrying about things that may never happen. Life is too short to be stressed about unimportant things, especially when we keep ourselves awake at night.
  • Take care of yourself. Change your lifestyle if you have to in order to avoid chronic disease. Many of us are now living longer than ever and feeling good for your last two decades is very important!







Decide what is most important to you and concentrate on achieving those things that will give you good memories. To read the complete article on living without regrets, click here.