self care
self care

September was National Self-Care Awareness Month, and we can all use a little more self-care. With this article, discover the best ways to love yourself. Taking care of yourself is inexpensive, essential, and fulfilling. You deserve to spend time in your own company, nurturing yourself from the inside out.

Put Together a Toolbox for Self-Care

A self-care toolbox is an excellent way to celebrate National Self-Care Awareness Month. It can include practically anything as long as it nurtures you and should contain items that calm and soothe you. For example, it doesn’t hurt to include a book that you love. If you have a portable music player, then you should load it up with the tunes that never fail to put you in a good mood. Healthy multivitamins and minerals can give you a much-needed mood boost, as well.

Experiment with Meditation

Meditation allows you to care for yourself while setting your mind at ease. It doesn’t require anything except a quiet mind and a quiet space. You don’t need special clothing or tools. If it helps to center you, then you can listen to music. However, you might have more luck meditating in silence, and that’s all right, too. There are meditation apps to help you get started and help guide you and teach you about the fine art of meditation.

Make a Commitment to Fitness

Daily activity keeps your heart pumping and floods your body with feel-good endorphins. Depending on your fitness level and your comfort, you may want to join a gym. Nature walks in your area will help you to remain fit, as well. Whatever activity you choose, treat yourself to the tools you need to excel at it. For example, a portable blender is ideal for whipping up protein shakes and smoothies on the go. If you decide to take up golfing or fishing, then grab the right equipment first.

Plan a Self-Date

You deserve to take yourself out this month. After all, you should be the first love of your life. Remember, you can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself. Plan a date to remind yourself why you’re such a catch. Visit the local zoo for a leisurely afternoon, book a wine and paint class, schedule a yoga session, or enjoy dinner and a movie.

Do Something You Love Every Week

What’s your favorite thing to do? For National Self-Care Awareness Month, devote a little time each week to something you love to do. The activity itself doesn’t matter. Take your dog to the park. Indulge in an hour-long tub soak. Knit a sweater, or at least a sock. Read every section of the paper without taking a break. As long as the activity is fulfilling and pleasing, it’s food for your soul.

Enjoy Activities that Boost Your Energy

Exercise gives you more energy, as does doing something you genuinely enjoy. Whether you turn to natural therapies for energy or take in a bit of vitamin D from the sunshine, you’ll notice a difference in your mood. What makes you feel alive and energetic?

Share your essential self-care tips with us.