Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Celebrate Seniors
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Celebrate Seniors

Have you ever sat back and thought about what you know and where you learned it? Some say from parents, teachers, bosses, etc. and that is very true. But have you ever met a stranger and struck up a conversation with them only to look back and go ‘Wow…that was an interesting conversation. ” And likely because the person was worldly, knowledgeable and just plain great to listen to. I bet some of those were seniors. Let’s celebrate seniors.

Why celebrate seniors?

Where do I start? They have contributed to this world for decades, learned, made mistakes and grown emotionally, mentally and some spiritually. And although as we age sometimes our physical strength starts to diminish that doesn’t mean our knowledge has!

And maybe as we age we sometimes forget things or mix up names but that is something to laugh about and celebrate. Seniors know so many people of course they will mix us up! And they have so much amazing knowledge in their brain sometimes it just can’t keep up. Something else to look at positively and smile about.

Think about all the things you have learned from a senior, family member or otherwise and share it by commenting on this article.

Why I want to celebrate seniors

Just within my own family we agreed that we have heard so many stories and learned so much. Historical events, world issues, travel nostalgia, financial tips, family life and issues, day to day stuff like cooking, baking, crafts, housekeeping and maintenance tips, movies, actors, music and more. And yes, parents and grandparents mix our names up and sometimes forget but that is nothing compared to the good that comes out of the stuff they know and share.

Many kids today may think that their parents and grandparents are just old but they will soon realize that many are fountains of knowledge and they will want more!

Remember when we thought our parents knew nothing and we knew everything? Then as we aged ourselves, we appreciated how much they knew! I still do that!

Think back to the last time you spoke to a senior  family member or otherwise and what you learned. I bet there was something.

I love this video from Billy Currington called “People Are Crazy.”

It’s a story about a man who meets an older man in a bar, they exchange stories about life and love over some beer and laughs. The ending to their connection is quite funny and amazing. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did. Enjoy!

Please comment on this article by sharing with us your learnings from a senior and let’s truly celebrate seniors!