Seniors Lifestyle Magazine talks to Virtual Reality for Seniors
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine talks to Virtual Reality for Seniors

Seniors Lifestyle Magazine has previously published articles about means to improve senior living. Articles on health tips, dealing with caregiving, depression, anxiety and loneliness. Now I am happy to share a new theory about virtual reality that may improve senior living.

Seniors are not the regular target audience that virtual reality is marketed for. VR is typically developed for younger people and used for video gaming. But there is reason to believe that virtual reality for a senior may help them. They can escape from loneliness, depression even chronic pain. It appears to take them to enjoyable places that replace the boredom in their everday lives.

What are the benefits of virtual reality for senior living?

Virtual reality can provide a way to relax and offer an escape from anxiety and the worry that comes from being alone. In the virtual reality program discussed in the article below, seniors can be transported to wonderful places. A Hawaiian beach fit with palm trees, ocean views, and beautiful sunsets. Prerecorded voices in the program offer a sense of not being alone. They can even remind patients to take their medications.

Maybe virtual reality could replace endless TV watching. It certainly provides a much needed change of scenary. VR is beneficial for those living in an assisted living or long term care home with limited interaction. This is also great for seniors who can’t leave their homes very often.

Overall, it sounds like this kind of technology has many benefits for seniors.

It’s fun, too! VR changes surroundings and provides a positive escape.

We highly recommend you take a look at the original article below. Let us know what you think!

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