Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Talks Senior Friendly Gardens
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Talks Senior Friendly Gardens

Gardens are beautiful things. They are beautiful to look at. They provide enjoyable surroundings.  Having senior friendly gardens means they are safe and accessible. Very important for senior living. They allow the senior to truly enjoy the beautiful benefits of a garden like everyone else.  Gardens have many benefits for everyone including seniors.

What are the benefits of a garden?

Tending to a garden is known to be very therapeutic. Even just being around one can have the same effect. There are endless advantages to being outdoors and enjoying a garden, mentally and physically. Gardens make us feel good.

Being in the sun and fresh air have great known benefits. Relaxation tends to accompany spending time in a garden as well. Studies have shown being in the open areas can aid recovery after major illness.

Gardens encourage you to be outside. Some people sleep better from the fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. They allow you to enjoy the calmness. They can provide tranquility. Gardening can also give purpose and a hobby. Gardens are best enjoyed safely especially for seniors.

There are many things to consider when making a garden senior friendly. Think about the  width of pathways. Handrails for safety. Path materials to use. It all matters. Proper seating is important. Seating provides moments of rest. A place to sit and enjoy your surroundings.  Lots to consider!

Overall, it is a wonderful idea to provide an outlet for seniors to enjoy the outdoors. Let them enjoy the nurturing growth experienced with a garden.

The following article offers great suggestions on how to design a safe, accessible outdoor garden via Create an accessible garden