High stress, high blood pressure, insomnia all are cause to think about how to relax. Or maybe you just want to relax without being told to relax! Many people think that in order to relax you must spend a fortune on massages, spas or vacations. Not true! We have some great relaxation tips that are senior budget approved and pretty much cost nothing!




In the morning:

  • Sniff some coffee…… This is known to reduce stress hormones.
  • Sit in the shower for a few extra minutes…. This will help you energize!
  • Stretch….. Some quick stretches will get your muscles loose and the blood flowing!
  • Chinese Medicine says…. apply some pressure between your thumb and index finger to help with relaxation.

In the afternoon:

  • Get outside and enjoy some sunshine! This will lift your spirits and help you relax!
  • Go bird-watching! This is fun and relaxing to do alone or with friends!
  • Drink a cup of Herbal Tea… Chamomile works wonders for relaxation.
  • Do a crossword puzzle…. Let your mind think about only the questions on the puzzle!
  • Enjoy a siesta!

In the evening:

  • CHOCOLATE!…Search your cupboards as chocolate is proven to help de-stress.
  • Make a call…. reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  • Laugh… Watch a comedy show or funny movie.
  • Get rid of your electronics in the evening. Allow your mind time to slow down before bed.

Anytime of day, you can reap benefits by learning how to easily relax your jaw, click here to find out how!

At the end of day, there are many ways to enjoy the love of relaxation without spending a fortune or joining a class. Feel free to share with us your own tips on how you relax without spending too much money.