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We all know that volunteers are the pillars of many great organizations. Without volunteers many great things wouldn’t happen in the world. Fundraising to name one. Volunteering also helps the volunteers themselves. In fact, it is suggested that seniors volunteering may help them live longer.

How can volunteering help me live longer?

Volunteering makes us feel good. It gives us purpose. Many retirees fill their days by helping others. What a wonderful thing.

Some say that having a purpose in general helps us to live longer. Volunteering gives us purpose so voila, that is the formula!

Recent studies are showing that having a purpose as we age, is very beneficial for reducing stress, depression and overall health.

So let’s volunteer

Whether you are helping seniors or helping children. Or helping the disabled. Or helping the sick. Maybe part of a committee for fundraisers or church events. Spending time volunteering provides not only purpose but socialization. As we age, staying social is also very important to maintain good health & happiness.

To recap the benefits, volunteering:

  • gives us purpose
  • makes us feel good about ourselves
  • may improve our overall health
  • helps other people in our communities
  • is needed all over the world

Please share your volunteering experiences with us. And start a movement on getting out there to volunteer.

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