Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Kindness
Seniors Lifestyle Magazine Kindness

We all have days where things just seem to happen that can be very frustrating. Ever hear of road rage, people randomly lashing out at complete strangers out of frustration? This happens often and in many scenarios not at all involving the road. Spread kindness and show compassion for everyone including seniors.

Sometimes it is difficult to show compassion and spread kindness, right?

You are running behind schedule. You get stuck behind a slow driver. Or someone stopping and starting as they appear to look for a specific store or house. They are just crawling along and you are losing precious minutes.

After work you rush into the grocery store just to grab a few things, maybe milk or bread and you are in a rush because you have somewhere else to be and in front of you is a senior who is taking a long time counting out the exact change.

Other times, it is even more difficult

You are on the escalator rushing to get to the parking meter outside that you know has expired and you get behind a senior who has their dolly for carrying packages so you can’t pass them.

Running late, you rush towards the building and have to wait for a slower moving individual to go through the door, or wait for the handicap access button to open the door for them. They open soooo slowly and you want to scream because you just need to get inside the building now.

You are in a buffet line and guess what? The person in front is having trouble using the ladles to put food on their plate. Or isn’t able to read all the signs of what each dish is and they are taking forever. Maybe they are having trouble holding the plate, with their cane on their arm. You are starving because you haven’t had anything to eat since lunch.

What if one of those seniors in any of these situations was YOUR parent or grandparent?

Wouldn’t you want the driver behind them to show compassion, be patient and not blare the horn or yell out the window and startle them?

Wouldn’t you want to spread kindness by offering to give any outstanding change needed for the purchase to be completed? Or simply show compassion with an understanding smile so as not to intimidate the senior looking for change?

Wouldn’t you hope a younger person would offer to help the senior manage to get the dolly off the escalator safely? Maybe they look at it as a possible sign that you were meant to be there to show compassion and help them instead of getting angry?

Wouldn’t you hope that someone would simply open the door for your senior instead of getting frustrated waiting for the handicap button to make it happen?

Wouldn’t you want the person behind them in line to offer to help put food on their plate? Or offer to hold the plate for them? And maybe spread kindness by reading what each of those cards say about what dish is what?

You think you are frustrated?

Remember that as frustrating as these situations can be for you or me, they are equally as frustrating and overwhelming for the senior. Maybe they no longer can count money quickly, or hold the change easily. Maybe they can’t walk up the escalator anymore and have to wait. And maybe the dolly is needed so they can be independent and shop alone but can’t carry much anymore. Maybe they haven’t eaten for a longer period of time then you because cooking for themselves is a challenge.

Your kindness, warm gestures and compassion can help any of those situations be better for the senior and you will feel better about yourself! You will never regret being kind.

So the next time one of the situations occur, please remember to show compassion and spread kindness. They say kindness is contagious so let’s start a movement!