mobility scooters

It’s never easy to admit that our parents have lost a step and need additional help navigating the world around them. However, mobility equipment can vastly improve seniors’ quality of life and allow them to enjoy their normal lifestyles comfortably and confidently. Before you suggest transportation assistance for your parent, it’s essential you determine whether they need it in the first place. Read on to learn three signs that it’s time to purchase a mobility scooter for a parent. 

Clear Cut Indicators: Difficulty Walking & Slowed Pace

The most apparent sign of mobility loss in seniors is difficulty walking at a moderate pace. Various ailments like sedentarism, arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, and more can cause pain during even leisurely physical activity. Exercise is actually the best way to deal with these painful symptoms and is far easier with the help of mobility scooters and related equipment. Plus, a mobility scooter with a proper and dependable battery allows seniors to get off their feet whenever their symptoms present. 

Less-Obvious Signs: Reduced Independence & Increased Accidents

There are also less obvious and indirect indicators of mobility loss that can significantly reduce a senior’s quality of life. For example, mobility loss can dramatically reduce a parent’s ability to remain independent throughout their daily lives. Simple tasks like going to the bathroom or turning off appliances in other rooms of the house become incredibly challenging for some individuals, potentially putting them in hazardous situations. In fact, parents with mobility loss are much more likely to suffer from an accident (fall, incontinence, and more) doing even simple activities. 

Non-Physical Changes: Social Anxiety

Some signs of mobility loss manifest through non-physical changes, such as mental health struggles and illnesses. Low-mobility seniors often deal with bouts of social anxiety and confidence issues, leading to increased social isolation. Some parents, unfortunately, feel like their presence at various outings and events is simply too much of a hassle for everyone else. Thankfully, mobility scooters and other transportation assistance devices can eliminate this anxiety by allowing seniors to keep up with all the action! If you notice your parent becoming more anxious and reclusive, consider talking to them about various mobility solutions.

Convincing a parent that it’s time to purchase a mobility scooter is no simple task. However, if your loved one displays any of these signs, consider conversing with them and a medical professional to improve your parent’s quality of life.