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Even if you aren’t downsizing as a senior, simplifying certain rooms in your home can make your life a lot easier. One room that tends to collect clutter and far too many items of no use is our kitchen. After a lifetime of cooking meals, we usually have too many dishes, too many pots and pans and just too much of everything.







Deciding what to keep and what to dispose of can be difficult but when making your choices, remember to ask yourself if you really use each item or is it just taking up space. While some items in your kitchen are there because you just love the way they look, others are there because we think we may need them some day.

What makes your life easier?

Small appliances in particular are supposed to help us save time but when they take ages to put together or to clean they really aren’t helping us. Which items do you use the most that actually are timesavers? Quite often it comes down to a favourite paring knife, your microwave and your slow cooker. Do you have multiples of the same item? How many do you really use? Get rid of the rest, they’re just taking up space.

How much do you entertain?

As we grow older, many of us have switched to simple entertaining. Rather than dinner parties or lots of guests, we usually just have family and close friends over for meals. Decide just how many wineglasses and serving trays you really need. Do you still use that china that’s filling your china cabinet? Maybe it’s time to pass it on to someone else in your family who could really use it.

Once you’ve decided to simplify your kitchen and just keep what you use and love, you’ll find it much easier to make meals. Rather than digging through cupboards and drawers or having cabinets stuffed with items that are no longer used, the space in your kitchen can hold the things you really appreciate. To read more on downsizing your kitchen, click here.