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Creative Minds scaled

Whether we consider ourselves to be creatively talented or not, there is a spark of creativity that lies within everyone. Getting creative is a fantastic thing for people of all ages and for people living with dementia. Taking part in unique art activities has many benefits. Show a person that they can create something beautiful for others to enjoy.







Regular engagement with any creative activity, be it painting, listening to music or pottery, enables an individual to gradually progress and develop their skills. This can boost one’s self esteem. Many elderly people find themselves feeling useless in later life. Taking part in a creative activity can have a profound effect. It can motivate the individual to tackle activities and challenges in other areas that they may not have done recently.

Stimulate The Mind

For people with dementia that have good dexterity, drawing and sketching helps to evoke memories as well as stimulate the mind. Still life, portraits and drawing from favourite photographs are all enjoyable activities for someone who has a love of art.

Another enjoyable creative activity for someone with dementia is painting. Painting with water colours and acrylics is relaxing yet stimulating for the mind and helps to maintain dexterity.

Specialised companies such as Active Minds have a great range of art activities and interactive games that have been designed for people living with dementia, such as dementia jigsaw puzzles and engaging art activities.

Whether you’re a caregiver, friend or family of someone living with dementia, try and explore different arts and crafts that you can enjoy together.